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The lifesaving work of VVAPL Humane Society is only possible because of donors like you.  VVAPL Humane Society receives no government funding and is not affiliated with any animal welfare organization.  For over 50 years, your generosity has helped us continue to help the unwanted animals of the Victor Valley and...

Make a Difference One Life at a Time!



Mail & Item Drop-off:  VVAPL Humane Society, 21779 Zuni Road, Apple Valley, CA  92307

PayPal:  Click the “Donate” button on this page

Phone:  (760) 247-2102

Online Banking:  Add us to your monthly online banking bill pay

Payroll Deductions:  Signup with your workplace payroll deduction program, such as the United Way, and specify VVAPL Humane Society as the recipient.

Please Note:  All gifts and donations are tax deductible.  VVAPL Humane Society is committed to our donors’ privacy rights.  We do not sell or trade personal or contact information with any other organizations or individuals.







JANUARY              Large Concrete Mixing Tubs

FEBRUARY           Dog Treats

MARCH                  Sponsor a Microchip for the Pet of a Senior Citizen

APRIL                     Paper Towels

MAY                        Spay/Neuter

JUNE                      Sponsor a Cat Adoption

JULY                       Christmas Wish List Items

AUGUST                 In Memory of Honorary Ambassador Dog Foxy

SEPTEMBER         Paper Towels

OCTOBER             Bleach & Cleaning Supplies

NOVEMBER          Much-needed Items

DECEMBER          Much-needed Items



Join us for an incredible journey!  For as little as $5 a month, YOU can change the life of an animal.  Your monthly donations will help us vaccinate, spay/neuter, provide medical care, and feed the many animals that come through our doors every month.  For as little as $25, we can feed a small dog or cat for 3 months.  Help us improve the lives of these precious animals.  DONATE TODAY.



Make a donation today in honor or memory of a pet or pet lover in your life.  We’ll recognize these donations in our quarterly newsletter.



$35 Grooming: Can increase a dog’s chance of being adopted.

$45 Kennel:  Provides food for 1 large kennel that houses 3 large dogs.  Your name will be posted on the kennel door for the month you sponsor.

$50 Cat Den:  Gives a cat a secure place to relax while waiting for adoption.

$80 Spay/Neuter:  Helps to stop pet overpopulation.



Flo Jo was rescued from another shelter.  She had an untreated broken leg and was in constant pain.  Because of donations to the LifeSaver Medical Fund we were able to have Flo Jo’s leg amputated and ease her suffering.  She then found her forever home with a wonderful family.

The LifeSaver Medical Fund was set up to treat animals like Flo Jo in need of medical treatment that would otherwise be euthanized.  Snakebites, amputations, skin diseases, and eye removals are just a few of the medical conditions treated successfully because of generous donations to the fund.  Click on "LifeSaver Medical Fund" in the right sidebar at the top to read more stories and donate.


Wish List


Feline Pine Cat Litter

Dish Soap (Gallon Size)

Liquid Laundry Detergent (Gallon Size)

Washable Cat Toys 

Paper Towels


Distilled Water

Dog Houses

Liquid Bleach (Gallon Size)

Dawn Direct Foam

Trash Bags (Kitchen size and 30 gallon size)

Aluminum Cat Bowls (1/2 qt & 1 qt)           


Clean old blankets, towels, and washcloths 

Washable Dog Toys

Small Plastic Litter Boxes

Scrapbooking supplies

Cotton Balls

Pallet Jack


Simple Green (Gallon Size)

Liquid antibacterial soap that fits in soap dispensers

Dog Rubbing Alcohol


 Shopping at our Online mall

Shop using the web site Please designate us as your charity of choice. There is no cost to you for using this site, and when you do use this site Victor Valley Animal Protection League will get the commission check from the retailers.  There are over 200 retailers listed on this online mall.  So please think of us when you are shopping.