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I want to share with you.  I rescued this boy from your shelter on 11-26-2003.  He was estimated to be about 2-3 years old.  I named him Goliath and just wanted to share a photo (with his friend 8-year-old Angel) because this big boy is still with me today at the top old age of 13-14 years old.  Who would have guessed this big boy would still be alive.  He doesn’t get around too well, but my vets are all impressed at how well he is doing.  He was tested back in December to see how well his organs are functioning.  Proud to say they are.  The only thing wrong with him is the typical arthritis in his hips and knees, and shocking, it is just now going into his spine.  Sadly he was born with hip dysplasia, but other than that at his age that’s pretty good.  This poor boy came home with me and was so terrified.  Didn’t want to be in the house.  Wouldn’t let me touch him.  I had to chase him in my small backyard to get him cornered to put a leash on him.  After about 3 months, he trusted me.  After that, he became a BIG mama’s boy and still is my baby.

Wendy Dennis 

February 21, 2015